What is Wave Season?

Updated: Jan 14

by Linda Randolph

It’s not about the ocean waves. It’s like Black Friday. In the cruise industry it’s all about the “wave” of promotions and amenities on cruises booked from January to the end of March. This is a great opportunity whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or contemplating going on your first cruise.

This time of year you can escape cold temperatures, gloomy skies and post holiday blues by not only dreaming about your vacation but planning it. With discounts and special offers now is the time to book instead of “should we book a cruise?” It’s also the right time for families and groups to receive perks and being able to get connecting and larger cabins. Plus, getting the cabin location and style you prefer, not to mention the itinerary and destination of your dreams.

You want to be sure you’re booking a cruise for not only the deal and perks but because it’s the right vacation for you. A bargain isn’t a bargain if you’re not on the right ship or traveling to a destination that doesn’t interest you – it’s best to be on the ship that gives you the experience you’re looking for. Wave Season sales include large ships, smaller ships, luxury liners and budget friendly carriers.

Last (but not least) use a Travel Advisor – that’s us! We have access to discounts and perks that you may not find on websites and/or online travel agencies. When you book with us, we are your advocates.

Linda & Lori