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Updated: Jan 17

Special News: Autism Group Cruise - Norwegian Encore

Open to Everyone August 2020

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Exciting News! We offer a registry for Honeymoons & All Special Occasions

Dread Airport Lines?

Get organized. Here are some specifics that can save precious minutes and hassle off your wait time: - Check your flight status before you leave your home. - Check into your flight online. - Before you leave for the airport, put everything essential you need to check in and get through security - your ID, passport, boarding pass, etc in an easily accessible part of your wallet, handbag or carry on. - Before going through security, put your loose change, electronics, etc in a plastic baggie in your carry on.

The TSA has a trusted traveler program called TSA PreCheck that is now available in many airports across the country. It has perks - not requiring shoe or laptop removal for a speedy trip through security. If you travel internationally, consider Global Entry as well Troubleshoot like a pro. When things don’t go as planned and you get delayed or a late flight means a missed connection — don’t panic. Here’s what you can have on hand to help make a messy situation much more bearable:

* Program the numbers of your travel agent, airline, car rental service, hotel, and any other contact info into your phone. You can even temporarily organize them all under one name — for example, assign the “last name” of each item as “California Trip 2020” and they’ll appear listed in one spot in your contacts for easy access. This way, if a logistical emergency occurs, you have the ability to reach us so we can help you find additional flights, make cancellations, reschedule pick-up/drop-off times, or notify a front desk of a late arrival.

* Get Zen – or whatever your version of that is. When you have everything organized, and you know you’re ready to go, and all there is left to do is wait in line, make the most of it. Focus on the excitement you feel about your trip. Take deep breaths. Strike up a conversation if you feel like it. Listen to a podcast. Get your mind in a place that’s positive and productive and set the tone for your trip – focus on what you’re thankful for.

We know it’s tough sometimes, but remember the one travel essential you cannot live without: patience. Everyone is in the same boat; everyone wants to get through. A smile and a “thank-you” never hurt, either. We've known many people, including us, who have received unexpected happy surprises (baggage fees waived, bump up) just for being polite when everyone else was falling apart. See where it gets you!

Are you looking for help planning your next trip? We can help you with everything that leads up to your trip and everything after! Contact us today and we can get started planning your best trip yet!

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