How Travel Agents Can Save You Money in 2019

Posted 2/20/19

Here at Travel Maxima of course we are Believers of Travel Agents, sometimes called Travel Consultants, Travel Designers. Sometimes we are asked what are the benefits of using an agent. Of course we tell our clients, friends and family, but when we find a well written article we like to share it.

Below is an article that we discovered and we wanted to share it.

We're obviously huge proponents of travel agents, but not just because we educate the best and most knowledgeable travel agents in the world.

We love travel agents even more for what they do for so many of their clients.

Because, really, the more people travel, the more they love life, the happier they are, and the more amazing conversations we can all have with each other.

But the only way people can travel more is if they can afford to jet-set to as many bucket list destinations as possible.

And that's where travel agents come in.

Here are a number of ways travel agents will save you money in 2019:

They don't charge you fees.

Well, some do, but we don't. It's a little-known fact that travel agents actually earn their money from commissions paid by the vendor or supplier you end up booking with. This means booking through a travel agent is no extra cost to you, but you will be helping someone make money for being an amazing resource for you.

You won't overpay.

If anything, you'll pay less than if you were booking on your own. This is because travel agents have the inside scoop, so they're always finding the best deals possible.

They'll save you time (and eliminate frustration).

This might not be a monetary save, but minimizing the amount of time it takes to book a vacation is one of the top reasons why enlisting the expertise of a travel agent rules so much. No need to waste hours trying to figure out accommodations and itineraries. Your travel agent has got it all covered, and probably with a deal, too!

They'll avoid common mistakes.

Since you're not likely planning trips every day, it can be easy to make mistakes. And mistakes can cost you money. A travel agent won't have this issue, and their knowledge will likely save you money.

They can find packages and group rates.

A travel agent will be able to save you even more money by bundling flights, hotels and other aspects of your trip. Traveling with a large group? They'll get you even more savings, while also ensuring you're all on the same flights—and sitting together, too!


With all those savings that come along with using a travel agent, imagine all the extraordinary places you'll go!

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